Broken, Turncoat, ‘Shell of a Man’ Ron DeSantis Caves, Will Crawl Back to Donald Trump by Helping Fundraise for him Despite His Legions of Online Trump Haters – EVOL

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has tapped out. Even though he endorsed Donald Trump for president halfheartedly when DeSantis dropped out of the primary race earlier this year, many didn’t feel it to be genuine.

Reports showed he was still badmouthing Trump in private while many of Team Desantis’ X influencers continued to trash and bash former President and best president in history Donald Trump. Some of the X influencers like Bill Mitchell have called for a proverbial X “ceasefire” and for every Republican to support Trump, but many others still trash and bash him to this day.

DeSantis however, who Trump recently called a “shell of a man” at a rally, is crawling back to the MAGA kingdom.

Trump continues to attack DeSantis: So I hit him hard. I hit him low. I hit him, just like we did to ISIS. We hit him hard. We hit him low. We hit him high. By the time he announced, nobody knew what happened, they said he was a shell of a man

— Acyn (@Acyn) March 16, 2024

This comes despite insults about Trump’s age hurled during the campaign and lines like “father time



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