BREAKING UPDATE: Missouri Teen Who Was Brutally Beaten Has Severe Brain Damage, Frontal Lobe Damage, and Skull Fracture – EVOL

The White Missouri teenager, known as “Kaylee,” who was beaten unconscious near Hazelwood High School last week, is now battling for her life due to severe brain damage.

“She has major brain bleeding and swelling and is in critical condition, Kaylee is fighting hard to stay alive and heal but this is only the beginning of a very uphill battle for Kaylee and her family. We will not know the extent of the brain damage that has occurred until she wakes up but the path to recovery will be extremely hard on the family, not only mentally but financially,” the victim’s family said.

According to Kaylee’s family, she was “left alone on the ground to convulse before EMTs arrived on the scene.”

“She was admitted to one of the local hospitals in Saint Louis with a skull fracture and frontal lobe damage,” the family said in a GoFundMe post.

A group of black teenagers joined a black female teenager in assaulting the 15-year-old girl until she lost consciousness, while a large crowd of onlookers observed. Additional fights broke out between other groups.

After the teenager repeatedly slammed Kaylee’s head onto the pavement, she began convulsing.





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