BREAKING: Trump supporters, counter-protesters clash outside of Fulton County jail ahead of his arrival

On Thursday, both supporters and opponents of 2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump gathered outside the Fulton County jail in expectation of his arrival to surrender to authorities in the 2020 election case.

By the afternoon, police had blocked off the road leading up to the jail, as a crowd gathered at the end of the road.

One person was seen standing with a “Donald J Trump did nothing wrong sign,” while others flew American flags and wore red MAGA hats.

One anti-Trump man wearing a black and white striped jail suit blasted a bullhorn alarm into the ear of a Trump supporter. Three more behind him were dressed as rats.

Another anti-Trump protestor called the 2024 GOP frontrunner a “sociopath” and called the group “listless vessels.” 

Members of the group Blacks for Trump gathered as well, chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump” with one member holding a sign that read, “Republicans are not racist.”

Armed lines of officers were seen guarding the entrance to the jail.

Trump is set to arrive in Georgia this evening to turn himself in, and is expected to get a mugshot, the first time this would occur in his four indictments currently



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