BREAKING: Shooting At Kansas City Chief's Super Bowl Celebration Parade - EVOL

Sadly another shooting has occured.

This time at the parade celebrating the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl win.

As we have witnessed over the year, these shooters tend to like large crowds. And this comes on the heels of the other shooting in Texas on Sunday at a church that holds thousands of people.

So far it is known that 1 person was killed and there’s multipe injured, up to 10.

And “2” armed men have been detained. (Though the video shows 3)

The moment the gunfire began was caught on film:

This video captures the moment when gunfire erupts during the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl celebration parade.

Several individuals have been shot. Two armed people have been into custody after the shooting near Union Station.

It’s horrific when celebration turns to trajedy.…

— Ed Krassenstein (@EdKrassen) February 14, 2024

CNN has the current updates:

2 armed people have been detained for further investigation, police say

Kansas City police have detained two armed people after a shooting near a rally celebrating the Chief’s Super Bowl win.

The police department said these people have been taken in for more investigation.

At least one



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