BREAKING NEWS: GOP Candidate Hospitalized Hours Before Presidential Debate

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum was taken to a hospital in Milwaukee on Tuesday after getting hurt while playing pick-up basketball with his staff.

His participation in the Republican presidential debate on Fox News on Wednesday night is currently in doubt. Fox News was informed by Burgum’s campaign that it is “unclear if he will be able to stand at the debate.”

Burgum has been released from the hospital, the campaign reported.

“Burgum is a dark horse in the race, lacking the name recognition that other candidates enjoy. He qualified for the debate by earning 3% support in the Fox Iowa poll but has otherwise remained a relatively obscure figure in national politics,” Fox News reported.

“Wednesday night’s debate is an opportunity for Burgum to grab more attention from GOP primary voters. The billionaire software entrepreneur has poured more than $10 million into the race from his own bank account and spent $8 million in the last quarter alone. Up to $760,000 of that spend went to donors who accepted his offer to send a $20 gift card to any $1+ donor, a ploy that saw him reach the fundraising threshold for the first debate in record time this cycle,”



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