BREAKING: New Evidence Shows Someone Called ‘Dad’ Was in a WeChat Conversation Between Hunter and James Biden – EVOL

A recently released IRS whistleblower report from the House Ways and Means Committee includes a 2017 WeChat message thread between Hunter and James Biden, featuring a participant referred to as “Dad.”

According to Monmouth University, WeChat is monitored by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The content of the WeChat message thread is redacted, but it indicates that “Dad” is the administrator. The subject of the message is “Hunt/Jim,” seemingly referring to President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and his brother, James.

The source file of the message was “Robert’s iPad.” Robert is Hunter’s middle name.

The message, dated December 19, 2017, was sent the year Joe Biden left office as vice president. During this time, the Biden family business reportedly earned significant sums from foreign business deals.

The House Ways and Means Committee approved the release of IRS whistleblower records, which included previously undisclosed sensitive information collected by IRS special agent and current whistleblower Gary Shapley.

Additional documents released by the committee reveal that Kevin Morris, Hunter Biden’s former “sugar brother,” had some involvement with the CIA. According to the committee, the Department of Justice (DOJ) was unable to interview Morris “as a witness” in its investigation of Hunter Biden



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