BREAKING: March for Trump happening RIGHT NOW in the South Bronx – EVOL

Many minority supporters of former President Donald Trump were seen rallying on Saturday in the South Bronx.  

Holding a large sign that read “The South Bronx for Donald Trump,” waving Trump flags, and chanting the presumptive GOP nominee’s name, these supporters showed their enthusiasm as Trump announced a campaign event in New York later this week. 

One supporter addressed the crowd, expressing her pride in voting for Trump. She described the impoverished conditions in the Bronx and praised Trump for offering a “hand up, not a hand out.” 

“I’ve lived right here in the South Bronx for 15 years, right in the projects,” she said. “[Trump] will create jobs. He will give people pathways out of poverty to stand on their own feet and be independent,” she added. “We don’t want welfare, we want jobs!” she exclaimed. 

“We have to get together to make sure we support Donald Trump. To make sure we have somebody in the White House that will stand up for us,” said speaker Kevin Jenkins at the march.  

Trump is scheduled to host an event on Thursday in the Bronx, marking his first rally in New York since 2016. This follows his



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