BREAKING: Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside Trump’s ‘Hush Money’ Trial in New York – EVOL

In horrifying scenes in New York, a man has set himself on fire in protest outside the court where President Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial is taking place.

The man was in the designated protest area outside the courthouse.

Footage shows a man kneeling down with his hands behind his head while completely engulfed in flames.

He then falls down, lying on his back on the pavement outside the Manhattan Criminal Court while his whole body is on fire.

Police and an unidentified man rush in to try to put out the fire.

One man is seen throwing a jacket over the protester in an effort to smother the flames.

Another man then sprays him with a fire extinguisher which appears to put the fire out.

WATCH (WARNING: Shocking/graphic scenes):


A man set himself on fire outside the Trump trial in NYC 🔥

I have no idea how my life will end but I can 100% ensure that it won’t be by me setting myself on fire. Nope. Not happening…#NYC #citylife #fire #trump #NewYork #urban

— Mrgunsngear (@Mrgunsngear) April 19, 2024

Authorities attempt to extinguish a man who set himself on fire outside the courthouse



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