BREAKING: Judge rules against Antifa defendants in default, awards Andy Ngo $300,000 in damages over Portland attack

The court ruled in favor of Post Millennial senior editor Andy Ngo on Monday in his civil trial against the remaining three alleged Antifa defendants that had physically attacked him in June 2019 in Portland, Oregon.

Defendants Corbyn “Katherine” Belyea, Madison “Denny” Lee Allen, and Sammich Overkill Schott-Deputy were found liable by Judge Sinaplasai for assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Each defendant has been ordered to pay Ngo $100,000 in damages.

Defendant Madison “Denny” Lee Allen (Left), Defendant Sammich Overkill Schott-Deputy (Center), and Defendant Corbyn “Katherine” Belyea (Right)

This court hearing was held in a virtual setting at the Multnomah County Courthouse on Monday after the three defendants were found in default on July 14 by the pre-trial judge for not responding to Ngo’s complaint, which is why they did not appear at the civil jury trial held earlier this month.

Defendants Belyea, Allen, and Schott-Deputy were allegedly involved in the June 29, 2019 attack on Ngo, in which he was brutally beaten by a mob of alleged members of Rose City Antifa while reporting on an event in Portland, Oregon, according to Ngo’s complaint. This attack received national attention and is most commonly referred to as the “milkshake” incident. Ngo was



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