BREAKING: Joe Biden Unveils New Scheme to Kill Off Gas-Powered Vehicles – EVOL

The Transportation Department announced a new mandate on Friday requiring automakers to improve fuel efficiency by an additional 16 miles per gallon for their cars to stay in business. Additionally, they must also double the fuel efficiency of their trucks.

This is the administration’s latest effort to ensure all Americans are driving electric vehicles by 2032. This move follows the Biden administration’s finalization of a series of stringent environmental regulations aimed at reducing tailpipe emissions from gas-powered vehicles less than two months ago.

Here is more on the new mandate:

The latest rules impose average miles per gallon limits across manufacturers’ entire product lines, so if they make more electric vehicles, they will find it easier to meet the targets.

Their passenger cars will have to average 65 miles per gallon by 2031, up from 48.7 miles today.

Pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles will have to average 45 miles rather than the 35.1 miles today.

But heavy-duty pickup trucks and large vans will have to nearly double their fuel efficiency from 18.8 to 35 miles per gallon

The Transportation Department estimates that the new regulations will reduce carbon emissions by eight billion tons by approximately 2050.

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