BREAKING: Joe Biden Lies About Going To Ground Zero A Day After 9/11

While speaking in Anchorage Alaska on the 22nd anniversary of the September 11 attacks, President Biden claimed that he visited ground zero one day after the attacks.

In what has become a theme with the Biden Administration, the president seemingly related the 9/11 attacks to modern political issues, telling U.S. servicemembers that “terrorism – including political and ideological violence – is the opposite of all we stand for as a nation.”

“We must not succumb to the poisonous politics of difference and division, must never allow ourselves to be pulled apart attending manufactured grievances, we must continue to stand united,” he said. “We all have an obligation, a duty, a responsibility to defend, to preserve, to protect our democracy.”

The president went on to claim that he visited ground zero in Manhattan, New York just one day after the attacks. “Never forget, never forget, we never forget. Each of us, each of those precious lives stolen too soon, when evil attacked,” Biden said. Ground zero in New York – I remember standing there the next day, looking at the building, and I felt like I was looking through the gates of hell. It looked so devastating because of the way you



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