BREAKING: Comer Ends Today’s Impeachment Hearing With A Bang, Announces Biden Subpoenas

In a power move, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer ended today’s impeachment hearing on a notable high note. Drawing from the compelling testimonies of the day, Comer announced subpoenas targeting key figures within the Biden family.

Addressing the committee, Comer proclaimed, “The witnesses today have all identified the evidence the committee has uncovered as deserving further inquiry. And that is what this committee will do, no matter where that evidence leads.”

“I want to thank the witnesses for their testimony today,” Comer continued. “It confirms the evidence compiled by this committee, justifies the investigation of Joe Biden’s role in his family’s international business schemes, and justifies the next step of this investigation.”

Building on the momentum, Comer made his next move clear: “One of those steps is gaining insight into where the Biden’s foreign money ended up, and for what purposes. Therefore, today, I will subpoena the bank records of Hunter Biden, James Biden, and their affiliated companies.”


The announcement marks a significant turning point in the ongoing impeachment investigation. With the subpoenas, the committee looks to find out more about the potential financial irregularities and improprieties associated with the Biden family’s international dealings.

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