BREAKING: Biden lands in Nevada for another vacation, still hasn’t visited Maui

President Joe Biden has pushed back his visit to Maui amidst disastrous fires for another vacation in Nevada.   

Biden arrived with First Lady Jill Biden on Airforce One and can be seen going down the stairs of the landed aircraft.   

Since telling reporters, “No comment,” when initially asked about the fires and death toll coming from the state in the Pacific, he has gotten swift criticism for not addressing the situation.   

The death toll in the fires, as of Saturday, has reached 114, according to Forbes.    

This month, Biden has already gone on vacation at his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and the Nevada trip will be his second. Instead of visiting Maui sooner, he and Jill will take a day off from their vacation on Monday to visit the island.  

The number of days President Biden has taken off for vacation has stacked up.  

According to a report from the Daily Mail, the President has taken 360 vacation days so far in his presidency — nearly 40 percent of the time he has spent in office.  

This is a breaking story and will be updated.    



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