BREAKING: Alex Jones’ ex-wife arrested for harassment of Infowars founder in Texas – EVOL

Alex Jones’ ex-wife Kelly Rebecca Jones was arrested this week for harassment of the popular Infowars host in Texas. She was charged with harassment and fined for driving without proper insurance. 

A source familiar with the matter confirmed to The Post Millennial that the arrest was in connection to an incident involving Alex Jones.

She was booked in the Hays County Sheriff’s Office.

Alex and Kelly Jones divorced in 2017 and a custody dispute began at that time. Kelly has fought to gain access to his phone records, claiming in 2022 that she knows “the texts and information on his phone will be evidence of all the nefarious, truly conspiratorial things said between him and his employees in their plans to keep my kids from me.”

She told Business Insider that Jones is “like a rattlesnake” and claimed that he was “truly mentally ill.” Kelly also claimed that “Alex is truly mentally ill. To me, he should be protected from himself and others.” The two were married for eight years. 

“He doesn’t have any moral compass. He lives in his own universe, and he is a very—in my opinion—delusional man,” she said

Jones lost primary custody of his three children in Travis County,



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