BREAKING: 3 Trump supporters arrested outside NYC Trump Tower after flying Law and Order flag – EVOL

Three Donald Trump supporters were arrested outside Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan Thursday. The group was reportedly told not to go into the street while they unfurled a giant Trump “law and order” flag in the street. 

In footage captured by Oliya Scootercaster for, the group was heard chanting “let them go,” as police arrested the three. 

The group unfolded the flag outside of Trump Tower on Thursday afternoon, playing Toby Keith’s “Made In America.” The group eventually moved off the street, being met with NYPD officers.

People standing alongside the fence erected at the edge were heard chanting “F*ck Eric Adams.”

The gathering of supporters outside Trump Tower comes after Trump was found guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. 

This is a breaking story. Please refresh the page for updates. 



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