BOYTCOTT COMING? Walmart Introduces Gay LGBT Pride Collection – EVOL


This is just another confirmation that corporate America is all about shoving their LGBT agenda down everyone’s throat.

The latest retail giant that’s been activated to make the push is Walmart.

They just launched a new collection of merchandise promoting gay- and lesbian-owned companies.

This collection, called ‘Pride Always,’ features everything from clothes and hats to school supplies and pool floats.

Target may have downshifted when it came to pushing the gay agenda, so Walmart is stepping in.

‘Today. Tomorrow. Always.’ is Walmarts slogan for this pro-gay collection.

Always? They’re in for a surprise.

I guess they didn’t learn Targets lesson👇

— Liberacrat Media™️ (@Liberacrat) May 23, 2024

Washington Examiner reports:

Walmart could be the next target of criticism from conservatives, as the shopping giant has unveiled a new collection of LGBT merchandise by partnering with gay- and lesbian-owned companies.

The items, which range from clothes and hats to school supplies and pool floats, are part of the retailer’s Pride Always collection.

“We couldn’t be prouder of this year’s LGBTQIA+ founders & designers,” a social media post from Walmart reads. “Today. Tomorrow. Always.”

Some of the items available for purchase can only be bought online, while other



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