Boston University Opens Probe Into Kendi’s ‘Antiracism’ Center After $30 Million Goes Missing

Boston University has opened a formal inquiry into author Ibram X. Kendi’s “antiracism center” after a former employee blew the whistle on missing funds totaling more than 30-million-dollars.

Kendi is a self-styled “antiracist” activist and author who rose to prominence after the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020. Antiracism philosophy charges that all white people benefit from “racism and racist structures” and tells its adherents that merely “not being racist” is far from good enough. Instead, antiracists must actively dismantle “white supremacy” and “racist structures” in order to enter a new age of reason freed from racism.

This is all outlined in Kendi’s signature book, How To Be An Antiracist, which has been assigned as mandatory reading to high school students across the nation. In the book, Kendi argues that the only remedy to “past discrimination is future discrimination” and uses a circular definition of “racism.”

In addition to lucrative speaking tours and widespread adoption of his books by public schools, Boston University formed an “antiracist” research center in 2020 that was headed up by Kendi. The center’s stated mission is to gather experts from various disciplines to develop “novel and practical ways to understand, explain and solve seemingly intractable



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