Border Rush: Illegals Crossing Surge For FEAR Trump Will Win – EVOL

It appears that illegal immigrants are paying attention to the news.

They’re now rushing to the US because they’re afraid Biden might lose in November.

That means Trump will lock down the border.

Two of them went on record about it. “We think with the elections, it will be harder. We don’t want Trump.”

Bottom line, election fears are driving the border surge.

The panic is spreading, but instead of the proper panic, which is to realize that Trump will not only lock the border down, but kick them out, they’re thinking it means quickly come over.

This isn’t some school yard game where once you cross the border you’re safe.

They better not get comfortable because Trump already declared that he would kick off his next term with a massive deportation operation.

Migrants rushing to cross border now in case Biden loses in November: ‘We don’t want Trump’

— New York Post (@nypost) May 20, 2024

Gateway Pundit reports:

Illegal immigrants are apparently paying attention to political poll numbers in the United States.

Many of them are afraid that Trump is going to win in November



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