Bob Costas calls MAGA a Cult that is a ‘Coalition of the Brainless’ – EVOL

Veteran NBC broadcaster Bob Costas appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday and slammed MAGA supporters as a “coalition of the brainless” who need to be “repudiated.”

Former President Donald Trump is the current frontrunner in the 2024 presidential race and is backed by tens of millions of Americans.

“The MAGA cult, which is a coalition of the brainless and when it comes to fellow Republicans, the spineless, that coalition is not going away,” Costas raved.

“They want, for the time being, Trump,” he continued. “If Biden stepped aside tomorrow, there wouldn’t be a bunch of Democratic voters going, ‘oh, please, please stop,’ Your friend Gavin, Gavin Newsom, who’s a very charismatic and dynamic guy, but he’s being disingenuous when he makes an articulate case for Biden.”

“Then says, ‘I just don’t understand why this hasn’t landed.’ Yes, you do, Gavin, because Biden can’t utter one sentence of the five perfect paragraphs you just put together,” Costas continued. “He, not only can he not make the case for himself, he cannot prosecute in the court of public opinion, the case against Trump.”

“And what needs to happen here isn’t a narrow victory, which is the best Biden



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