‘Billions’ of Vaxxed Will Die in ‘Onrushing Death Wave,’ Analyst Warns – EVOL

A leading analyst has raised the alarm over concerns that an “onrushing death wave” will soon wipe out “billions” of Covid-vaccinated people around the world.

The warning was issued by Dr. Richard Sauder.

Sauder is an American researcher with multiple degrees and the author of several books.

After analyzing multiple studies and expert opinions, Sauder issued a warning that a “wave” is coming our way that will result in mass death among the Covid vaccinated.

This will be followed by mass destruction, Dr. Sauder predicts.

In his report, Sauder states:

“Governments, public health ministries, and Big Pharma are not talking about what is coming – because they are deeply complicit in despicable, genocidal crimes – but there are a number of prominent, world-class, medical scientists explaining what is in the cards over the next few years: a tsunami of death, due to the billions of so-called Covid-19 vaccines that were injected into hordes of victims in countries all over the world.”

Dr. Sauder cites recent reporting from Slay News regarding warnings from Dr. Dolores Cahil.

As Slay News reported, Cahil warns that everyone who got vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots will be dead within three to five years, “even if



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