'Billions' of Covid Vaxxed Will Soon Die, Expert Warns – EVOL

A leading expert has raised the alarm over a ticking time bomb of looming mass deaths among those vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots.

Things are about to get really ugly across our land now that Covid injections have had several years to do the damage they were programmed to do inside the bodies of the billions of people around the world who took them.

Dr. Richard Sauder, a world-renowned immunology expert, reports that an “onrushing death wave” is coming our way that will result in mass death, followed by mass destruction.

“Governments, public health ministries, and Big Pharma are not talking about what is coming – because they are deeply complicit in despicable, genocidal crimes – but there are a number of prominent, world-class, medical scientists explaining what is in the cards over the next few years: a tsunami of death, due to the billions of so-called Covid-19 vaccines that were injected into hordes of victims in countries all over the world,” the report reads.

Sauder cites an explosive article from Slay News reporting on evidence provided by Dr. Dolores Cahill.

Cahill says that everyone who got vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots will be dead within three to five years, “even if



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