Bill Mitchell Suddenly Wants To "Unify" With MAGA

Bill Mitchell suddenly wants to “unify” with the MAGA movement.

Now I know about half of you are saying “Who is Bill Mitchell?”

Well, he was an outspoken Trump supporter in 2016 and then something happened.

I don’t know exactly what, but he got very “butt hurt” and turned on Trump.

Then he went full on Team DeSantis.

Basically, the exact same life path as Ann Coulter.

Speaking of aging lesbians, no I am not calling Ann Coulter an aging lesbian, but many online constantly refer to Bill Mitchell as an “aging lesbian” because, well….just look at the photo above!

But to be clear, I am not saying that!

What I am reporting is that after months of saying the most vile and disgusting things about Trump Supporters, Bill Mitchell now suddenly wants to “make amends” and “unify”.

In other words, he knows DeSantis is toast and he’s trying to worm his way back in to our good graces.

Check this out … Bill Mitchell who has been harshly anti-Trump and pro-Desantis.. who has practically every Trump supporter blocked that has ever disagreed with him now wants to mend fences with MAGA .. he wants to be the uniter



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