Bill Maher Wrecks Bragg's 'Hush Money' Case Against Trump with 2018 Clip of Stormy Daniels – EVOL

Leave it to Bill Maher to do the dirty work the mainstream media refuses to do.

In his “Real Time” show on Friday, Maher went to the show archives to pull a 2018 clip of “star witness” Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.

“I mean, the Democrats have had four years to put Trump on trial and it is all just going away. They blew it at every turn,” Maher confessed.

“Here’s what’s happened this week,” he said. “Georgia … They’re gonna take up Trump’s argument about Fani Willis. You know, she’s the prosecutor: she’s having an affair with the guy she hired. I mean, it’s not really relevant to the case, but they left an opening. And now that one’s gonna be delayed.”

Bill Maher destroys Stormy Daniels’ testimony 😂

— Julia 🇺🇸 (@Jules31415) May 11, 2024

“The stolen documents one. That’s never gonna happen because that’s a Trumpy judge down there. So it’s Stormy or bust,” Maher remarked.

Trump critics frequently complain about Southern Florida District Judge Aileen Cannon because she has been a thorn in the side of Special Prosecutor Jack Smith.

Maher continued, “If this one doesn’t work,



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