Bill Gates Will Control New ‘Global Digital ID’ System

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is the top controlling stakeholder in a major new “global digital ID” system that governments around the world are planning to mandate for all citizens.

Mastercard and the Gates Foundation have joined forces to launch “Community Pass.”

All citizens of the world will be required to carry one if they wish to participate in society.

The pass will be linked to a social credit score, which will increase or decrease depending on how compliant you are.

The ID is expected to be directly connected to individuals’ bank accounts, allowing centralized tracking and control over public spending.

Reports say “Community Pass,” or “Farm Pass” as it’s also known, will initially be “a platform for digital IDs aimed at individuals such as business owners and farmers.” reports: And wouldn’t you know it, it’s one that happens to focus on African countries.

There’s no lack of ambition here, of course: Mastercard wants to register 15 million people in Africa by 2027.

And Asia-Pacific region should not rest on any independence or self-determination laurels, either. Mastercard is after you as well – the same number of people, by the same date, is the stated goal.

In Africa – Uganda,



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