Bill Gates Wants to Chop Down Millions of Trees to ‘Fight Climate Change’

Bill Gates is investing huge sums of cash into efforts to chop down millions of acres of trees to supposedly “fight climate change.”

Gates is plowing millions of dollars into the scheme that will cull millions of trees from forests in California and the West Coast.

After chopping down the trees, they will be buried to allegedly fight “carbon emissions.”

Despite sounding like a bizarre joke, the project is moving forward after Gates funded the plan with $6.6 million.

Kodama Systems is behind the plan and will use $6.6M in seed funding from Gates’ Breakthrough Energy to advance the scheme.

The organization wants to cut down 70 million acres of Western forest over the next decade, according to reports.

Scientists say, “burying trees can reduce global warming as well.” I don’t know where they’re finding these scientists – Watch more on Josh’s analysis of Bill Gates’ agenda to chop down forests.


— Crossroads with Joshua Philipp (@crossroads_josh) August 30, 2023

After cutting the (mostly Californian) trees, Kodama plans on burying them.

The company claims burying them will prevent them from “spewing” carbon back into the air.

According to Kodama and Gates, carbon is destroying the planet and must be



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