Bill Gates Demands ‘Digital ID’ for Every Person on Earth

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is demanding that every country in the world enforce new mandatory “digital IDs” so that every person on Earth can “prove their identity.”

Gates has plowed millions of dollars into a new project that seeks to provide the technology for digital IDs once governments agree to start forcing their citizens to use them.

On Twitter/X, Gates recently complained that “850 million people” worldwide still “lack ID that proves their identity.”

According to Gates, his new technology will ensure all of those 850M will have digital ID, arguing that those who don’t comply will risk being “shut out of a lot of services.”

850 million people lack ID that proves their identity. As a result, they’re shut out of a lot of services that could change their lives.

That’s why I’m so excited about MOSIP, an open-source technology that could dismantle barriers worldwide. #G20India

— Bill Gates (@BillGates) August 21, 2023

He championed the Modular Open-Source Identification Platform (MOSIP) as the global solution to provide digital IDs for all.

Gates views MOSIP as an “inclusive approach” to a “global digital ID system,” calling it “a formidable solution” for “dismantling the barriers” facing countless individuals without



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