Bill Gates Caught Bankrolling Lawmakers Pushing Support for WHO – EVOL

Several top lawmakers who have been instrumental in governmental support for the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) are being secretly bankrolled by globalist billionaire Bill Gates.

An investigation uncovered secret documents showing that Gates has been funneling millions of dollars to politicians to get their support for signing their country into the WHO’s “Global Pandemic Treaty,” enslaving their own citizens in the process.

Citizens around the world have been raising grave concerns about their governments surrendering sovereignty over public health matters and “climate emergency” protocols to supranational bodies that are heavily controlled by nefarious actors.

However, globalist lawmakers have become so captured by WHO and Gates that they are ignoring the better interests of the taxpayers who pay their salaries.

In just two months a critical meeting of the World Health Assembly will take place.

This meeting is supposed to finalize the terms of two politically oppressive and financially onerous agreements: the WHO Pandemic Treaty and the updated International Health Regulations.

However, leaked documents from the UK show that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s rehabilitation of Andrew Mitchell (of “Plebgate” infamy) and former Prime Minister David Cameron who, together, instituted the British government partnership with Bill Gates’s Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI)



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