BIG WARNING: Red State Leaders Must Start Preparing for Left-Wing Riots if Trump Wins in 2024

In his latest column, conservative advocate and writer Chris Rufo, well-versed in the mindset of the left, issues a cautionary message to leaders and governors in red states. He warns that if Trump secures a second term, the left is anticipated to engage in rioting, emphasizing the urgency for preparation. Rufo underscores the need for proactive measures, urging officials to take action now.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed how rapidly the left can assemble crowds in cities and other locations. In the event of a Trump victory, there will be unrest, leaving no room for unpreparedness.

Rufo is absolutely correct about this.

As reported by City Journal:

Will It Be Riot Season Again in 2024?

The resurgence of public protests in support of Hamas has revealed a disturbing truth: the left-wing rioting following George Floyd’s death in 2020 was not an anomaly, but a tactic that activists can repurpose for any cause. Whether by coincidence or design, these recent outbursts could be a dress rehearsal for possible violence during next year’s election campaign.

Conservative leaders must prepare for that prospect. To prevent 2020 from repeating itself in 2024, conservatives need to consider what might spark a riot, how it



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