Big Pharma Caught Spiking Transfusion Blood with HIV – EVOL

Several large pharmaceutical companies have been caught spiking blood used for transfusions with HIV and Hepatitis C, a new investigation has found.

According to a Daily Telegraph investigation, Bayer, Revlon Healthcare, and Armour Pharmaceuticals tainted their blood products with HIV and hepatitis C before selling them.

However, Big Pharma company covered up the contamination and knowingly sold the dangerous blood.

The blood was sold to the British National Health Service and was being widely used on members of the public.

The revelations come as part of a national inquiry into thousands of cases of hemophiliacs who contracted HIV and hepatitis C from infected blood products in the 1970s and 1980s.

Internal documents from Bayer and Revlon Healthcare’s Armour Pharmaceuticals obtained by the Telegraph show that the companies knew in the early 1980s that their Factor VIII products were contaminated—but still sold them anyway.

In the case of Bayer, an internal marketing plan in 1985 suggested dumping their HIV-tainted products in Asia, because “AIDS has not become a major issue in Asia.”

The company outlined how it would sell the products in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Argentina.

Bayer believed sales of $400,000 were at risk.

Similarly, when



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