Biden’s Ukraine Threat Was Sudden About-Face After Meeting Hunter’s Business Partners

Joe Biden’s ultimatum to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the energy firm Burisma, which had hired his son Hunter Biden, appears to have been an impulsive decision made a month before the ‘quid pro quo’ threat was issued.

The genesis of the Ukrainian ultimatum developed amid the former vice president meeting with Hunter Biden’s business associates and his son being kept in the loop via official government emails.

The origin of Biden ‘quid pro quo’ to withhold a billion-dollar loan guarantee if Ukraine did not fire the Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin broke with prior documented State Department policy, which had even gone so far as to conclude that political observers in the Obama administration were “super impressed” with Shokin’s anti-corruption efforts.

Newly revealed emails and documents revealed by Just the News provide critical context and document the evolution of Joe Biden’s threat to Ukraine.

“Many of the documents… were not public during Donald Trump’s first impeachment and conflict with the Democrat narratives that have dominated since,” journalists John Solomon and Steven Richards wrote.

The critical takeaway is that the threat to the Ukrainian prosecutor appears to have been a sudden about-face for the Obama administration. Prior documents from the



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