Biden’s Strategy Behind Multiple Trump Indictments Will Infuriate You

The Biden Justice Department’s legal strategy behind the multiple indictments of former President Donald Trump has multiple aspects to it, according to a political analyst, and none of them are good for the future of the country.

According to author and commentator James Lindsay, in an interview with EpochTV, one aspect is to put huge burdens on Trump in the public’s eye and make the situation “messy” enough that voters will lose hope in him as a viable candidate while also seeking to “provoke the American public into giving up the rule of law.”

“There’s a very deliberate operation going on,” Lindsay said on an episode of American Thought Leaders: Now with Jan Jekielek last week.

He said that people in the know refer to what’s going on against Trump as “fifth generational warfare.”

Lindsay broke down the various strategies being employed against Trump, ranging from psychological tactics akin to those used by narcissistic abusers to the Marxist doctrines laid out by Saul Alinsky in his work “Rules for Radicals.”

He noted further that the “us versus them” in the case of Trump is not about left or right, but “normal people who believe in the American experiment, whether



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