Biden's 'Slow-Motion Car Crash' Has Dems Preparing For the Worst In November – EVOL

Another major survey has Democrats in near-panic mode over President Joe Biden as his most likely opponent, former President Donald Trump, won landslide delegate victories in Missouri, Michigan, and Idaho on Saturday.

In a poll released Saturday by The New York Times and Siena College, Biden is trailing former President Donald Trump by five percentage points. Furthermore, Biden is only garnering support from 83 percent of his previous 2020 voters, with ten percent now indicating their backing for Trump.

Following the release of these results, Democrats who spoke to Politico expressed sentiments likening the situation to “a slow-motion car crash” and described the findings as “pretty concerning.”

Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.) told Politico the “level of freak out remains high” in the party.


“Not sure this latest poll changed that too much,” he told Politico. “Dems are worried about Biden’s strength as a candidate for a variety of reasons — age, weakness of him and the overall campaign when it comes to delivering a message, the left attacks over Gaza. I am personally less freaked out than most… But I too wish Biden and his team were stronger campaigners.”

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