Biden’s Handlers Deny Insider Reports of ‘Slipping’ Mental Acuity: ‘He Is Sharp, Utterly on His Game’ – EVOL

Democrat President Joe Biden’s handlers are pushing back against reports showing insiders are raising serious concerns about the commander-in-chief’s declining mental acuity.

As Slay News reported earlier, an alarming Wall Street Journal article portrays Biden as mentally “slipping.”

The WSJ report, which was published Tuesday, included examples of gaffes and instances of low energy.

It also included several statements from congressional leaders and insiders who complained that Biden struggles with mental decline during private meetings.

Reports have since emerged that Biden’s White House has been pressuring those who provided statements to call the WSJ and walk back the “false” comments.

Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm flatly denied the report, claiming: “The article was BS.”

“The president is utterly on his game,” Granholm alleged.

“He is the wisest, most knowledgeable person in the room.

“He asks the toughest questions and has the keenest insights on the complex questions brought to him.

He is sharp, thoughtful, and wise.”

Earlier this year, a report from Biden’s own Department of Justice’s special counsel called him an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

The comments appeared in a report at the end of an investigation into his mishandling of classified documents dating back to



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