Biden's Backroom Deals with the DOJ and DNC – EVOL

Looks like this political theater took another twist.

The Biden administration, the Department of Justice, and the DNC have been revealed to be real close friends.

The latest character in the spotlight, Matthew Colangelo, a former Biden DOJ member that’s now taking shots at Trump in court.

Well, it turns out Colangelo took big bucks from the DNC for “political consulting” back in 2018. Coincidence?

Doubtful. Looks like the lines between justice and politics just got blurrier.

Surprised? Anyone surprised at all?

Trump hush money prosecutor Matthew Colangelo was political consultant for DNC, ex-Obama donor via @nypost another Dumbocrat stunt!!!! doesn’t Stormy Daniels already owe Trump 300K from a previous trial just like this?????????? all BS

— magerleaguedetox (@magerleaguedtx1) May 6, 2024

Red State reports:

With each passing day, it becomes more and more apparent that there is an incestuous relationship between the Biden administration, the Department of Justice, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Now we see that a former Biden administration DOJ, currently one of the attorneys prosecuting former President Donald Trump in his New York fraud trial, accepted thousands from the DNC for “political consulting.”

The Democratic National Committee paid Trump prosecutor Matthew Colangelo



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