Biden’s 2024 Campaign Is In Serious Doubt— Young Dems Prove It

Emblematic of a much larger problem developing for the Biden campaign amongst young Democrats in general and young black voters in particular, Jahmiel Jackson, a registered Democrat, stunned a Fox News host Friday by explaining why he’ll likely vote former President Donald J. Trump in 2024.

The 21-year-old, University of Chicago student, social chair, and staff writer for The Chicago Thinker told Fox News, “I’ve seen no form of accountability in this administration. I think this is what’s going to change my vote from formerly Joe Biden to Donald Trump.”

He added, “I have seen the pullout of Afghanistan from Joe Biden. And then I watched him check his watch during the funeral of the servicemen. And I think if we were to go to a war, I’m prime age be drafted. And I don’t want him to check his watch while they’re burying me.”


“I don’t believe that he’s a competent commander in chief,” Jackson observed. “And then he’d probably blame my death on climate change in the same way he blamed the pullout in Afghanistan on Donald Trump.”

Newsmax’s Benny Johnson shared the video clip via X, formerly Twitter, with the caption, “Black voter STUNS Fox



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