“BIDENBUCKS” Government Collaborates with Left-Wing Groups To Gather Votes – EVOL

So, here’s the latest move the Dems have planned.

Seems the federal government’s got a plan called “Bidenbucks,” and it’s all about turning every federal agency into a get-out-the-vote location.

President Biden’s executive order is aiming to gather voters like never before. Seems they’re in a bit of a panic.

But get this, apparently, the Department of Justice is partnering with left-wing organizations to figure out how to make this happen.

Wow, what a surprise.

And these same groups helped craft Biden’s order in the first place!

The question now is, how much influence are these groups really having on our government’s voter registration efforts?

Federal government working with left-wing groups to implement ‘Bidenbucks’: public records show….The executive order for “Bidenbucks” was based on an initiative by the progressive group Demos. #Democrats #Bidenomics

The Dems are masters at vote buying.… pic.twitter.com/DXOams92uQ

— judy morris (@judymorris3) May 6, 2024

JustTheNews reports:

The federal government is working with left-wing organizations to implement “Bidenbucks,” which is President Biden’s executive order to turn as many federal agencies as possible into get-out-the-vote (GOTV) centers across all states.

The Department of Justice worked with left-wing organizations to determine how to implement Biden’s executive order to



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