'Biden Voter Regrets' – Controversy Erupts as Google PULLS Trump's POWERFUL Ad – EVOL

Now you see it, now you don’t.

Trump’s ad was running on Friday, but today poof! It’s gone.

So, get this, reporter Andrew Arenge spills the beans on Google. He was able to capture a screenshot of the ‘Biden Regret ad’ being removed.


“Policy violation.”

Sounds fishy, right?

What was in this ad, you ask?

A convo between a Biden campaign caller and a voter with buyer’s remorse from 2020.

The caller was airing grievances about the rising costs of living—food, rent, you name it—all under Biden’s watch.

Basically stating, “Why should I vote for Biden again? What good has he done?”

And it sounded like the caller was black so that would resonate with some and the Democrats couldn’t have that. They know the power of a crafted ad, where nothing goes unnoticed.

What’s Google playing at here?

Here’s the ad:

So apparently Google decided to ban this ad from Donald Trump.

So I decided to post it….. pic.twitter.com/Bm17T0anBU

— Richard (@ricwe123) May 4, 2024

The Post Millennial reports:

Reporter Andrew Arenge posted screenshots of the ad being removed for a “policy violation” on the tech giant’s search results.

According to Arenge, a reporter for NBC News,



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