Biden Trots Out ‘Convicted Felon’ Attacks against Trump: ‘This Guy Does Not Deserve to Be President’ – EVOL

Before President Donald Trump’s “guilty” verdict was declared by a New York jury last week, Democrats have been foaming at the mouth to use their new “convicted felon” label for the 45th POTUS.

As Slay News reported prior to the verdict, Democrat President Joe Biden and his re-election campaign had been carefully planning to use the conviction as a line of attack.

Many Democrats have been unable to contain themselves, however, and have been rushing to use the smear.

And as expected, Biden has now predictably trotted out the same “convicted felon” line.

During a Monday night campaign speech, Biden declared that his “clearly unhinged” Republican rival somehow “snapped” after the 2020 election.

Biden used the “hush money” case to claim his moral high ground while addressing a campaign event at the private residence of a wealthy Democrat donor couple in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The Democrat president used much of his speech to smear his 2024 presidential rival, the Independent reports.

“This guy does not deserve to be president, whether or not I’m running,” Biden warned the crowd.

He then told his audience the nation’s justice is under threat.

“Folks, the campaign entered uncharted territory last week,” Biden said.

“For the first



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