Biden to Eliminate Meat from Food Supply, Replace with Insects – EVOL

A group of experts has just published a new report that raises the alarm about Democrat President Joe Biden’s coming policies for complying with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” agenda.

According to the report from The Buckeye Institute, the Biden administration is pushing policies that seek to eliminate the farming industry and drastically alter the American food supply.

In order to meet the WEF’s “Net Zero” targets, the Biden admin seeks to eliminate meat and dairy products from the food supply.

The policies aim to replace traditionally farmed products with plant-derived alternatives, lab-grown “meats,” and insect-based “foods.”

Under the plans, the organic agriculture industry would mostly be eliminated with the gaps in the food supply filled up with manufactured products.

Of course, meat and dairy products won’t be completely banned.

However, the cost of producing these foods will be so high that they will become a luxury that only the wealthy will enjoy, much like private jet use.

The report, released on February 7, found that the climate policies and mandates are guided by the “environmental, social, and governance” (ESG) agenda.

These policies being pushed by the Biden administration carry a hefty price tag for American farmers and



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