Biden to Ban 'All' Private Car Ownership to 'Fight Racism'

President Joe Biden’s administration is planning to ban all private vehicle ownership to supposedly “fight racism,” claiming that “all cars are bad.”

Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s Transportation Secretary, is seeking to completely phase out gas and diesel-powered vehicles in America in order to fight so-called “global boiling.”

However, it isn’t just traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles in the firing line.

According to Buttigieg, “all cars,” including electric vehicles (EVs), “are bad.”

Buttigieg and his team of advisors claim that all private car ownership must be completely eliminated in order to “fight racism.”

Earlier this month, Buttigieg appointed 24 new members to his Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity.

The committee consists of Obama appointees that the Biden regime is empowering to begin outlawing cars in America.

Included on the committee is Andrea Marpillero-Colomina.

Marpillero-Colomina is a “spatial policy scholar” who claims “ALL CARS ARE BAD” due to the fact that they cause “a myriad of environmental issues and conditions.”

Slay News reports: Another Buttigieg appointee, self-described “transportation nerd” Veronica Davis, argued in an August essay that cars perpetuate “systemic racism” and are therefore “the problem” in America’s transportation system.

Buttigieg’s appointments—and his decision to revive the equity advisory committee—reflect the Biden administration’s whole-of-government emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion, according to



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