Biden Suffered TWO Near-Fatal Brain Aneurysms, Priest Came to Deliver Last Rites. – EVOL

The thirteenth day of former President Donald J. Trump‘s Manhattan-based hush money trial continued with the prosecution’s direct examination of their star witness, serial perjurer Michael Cohen. Much like Monday’s testimony, Cohen and prosecutor Susan Hoffinger spent much of the morning and early afternoon discussing invoices and verbal payment agreements that may or may not have only existed in Cohen‘s head. Todd Blanche handled Cohen’s cross-examination, with the two clashing from the start.

Also of note, court transcripts of a sidebar conversation between Trump‘s defense team, Judge Juan Merchan, and prosecutor Joshua Steinglass revealed that Michael Cohen is the last witness for the prosecution. Previously, District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office had indicated they’d be bringing one additional witness after Cohen. With the prosecution’s case coming to a close, they have yet to detail what, if any, underlying crime former President Trump has committed.

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The court won’t be in session Wednesday or Friday. Michael Cohen’s cross-examination will continue on Thursday.


Starting the second day of direct examination by prosecutor Susan Hoffinger, Cohen claimed he had been Trump‘s



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