Biden Staffer Quits: ‘I Can No Longer in Good Conscience Continue to Represent This Administration’ – EVOL

Democrat President Joe Biden has just been hit with another scathing resignation from his administration.

The Biden administration is not very healthy, in any aspect.

Biden’s team has a problem with honesty and a major issue with loyalty.

Both of these problems were recently on display when Lily Greenberg Call, special assistant to the chief of staff in the Interior Department, submitted her resignation this week.

Call insisted that she could “no longer in good conscience continue to represent this administration.”

“He is making Jews the face of the American war machine,” said Call, who is Jewish.

“And that is so deeply wrong.”

Call’s resignation comes just two days after an American Army major resigned from his position at the Defense Intelligence Agency because of Biden’s response to the war in Gaza.

“The policy that has never been far from my mind for the past six months is the nearly unqualified support for the government of Israel, which has enabled and empowered the killing and starvation of tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians,” the major wrote on social media.

“This unconditional support also encourages reckless escalation that risks wider war,” he added.

Biden has conceded to liberals in America so frequently



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