Biden Refuses to Follow Obama's Re-Election Model – EVOL

Democrat President Joe Biden is refusing to follow the successful re-election model of one of his lead handlers, Barack Obama, according to a new report.

CNN has published a report showing that Biden and his 2024 campaign have decided not to follow the Obama model.

The CNN report is titled, “How the Biden Campaign is Breaking with the Obama Reelection Mode.”

The report begins:

“President Joe Biden’s campaign has a message for impatient Democrats who want to see his campaign build out its operations in the battleground states more visibly and with greater urgency.

“That message: Don’t expect us to be Barack Obama.”

Read on to see why this might be particularly upsetting for Obama.

CNN reports that “[t]he Biden reelection campaign is rejecting the political organizing model that Obama used during his campaign for a second term in 2012.”

The outlet recalls that, in 2012, “Obama largely shunned the Democratic National Committee and opted instead to set up his own vast electioneering machine.”

Biden, however, is choosing a different direction.

CNN quotes New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman Ray Buckley as explaining the key difference.

Buckley told the outlet:

“State parties and local organizations were not part of the equation in 2012.

“The fact



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