Biden Pumps $1 Billion Taxpayer Money into Making Borders More ‘Climate-Friendly’ amid Illegal Migrant Crisis – EVOL

Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration is pumping $1 billion in taxpayer money into efforts to make the U.S. borders more “climate-friendly.”

The news comes as the United States battles a historic nationwide illegal border crossing crisis.

Thousands of foreign nationals are currently illegally entering the country every single day due to Biden’s open border policies.

The ongoing surge of illegal aliens is putting unprecedented strains on federal and local resources.

Nevertheless, the General Services Administration (GSA) announced it would direct Inflation Reduction Act funds to support the “climate initiatives” at the border.

GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan and Andrew Mayock, President Biden’s Federal Buy Clean Task Force co-chair, said the action would reduce “harmful emissions.”

However, the move was slammed by Republicans and experts.

“As usual, the Biden administration is refusing to address a problem of their own making,” House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Bruce Westerman (R-AR) said in a statement.

“Instead, they’re touting a billion-dollar investment in green technology at the border while Biden’s border crisis continues to wreak havoc on local communities and federal lands.

“Talk about fiddling while Rome burns.”

“Time and time again, the House Committee on Natural Resources has spotlighted these issues and recently held



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