Biden Promises Zelensky American Taxpayers Will Send Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine

Democrat President Joe Biden has agreed to send a small number of long-range missiles to Ukraine, according to reports.

Biden promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that American taxpayers would send the weapons to perpetuate the nation’s endless war effort against Russia..

U.S. officials said Biden made the offer during his meeting with Zelensky Thursday, according to Fox News.

Information about the number, type, and date of delivery was not disclosed.

The Biden admin says it is keeping the information secret so as not to undermine Ukraine’s use of the weapons.

The White House and National Security Council have yet to make an official announcement about the move.

Biden earlier had announced a $325 million taxpayer-funded security assistance package for Ukraine after he met with Zelensky.

The Ukraine leader visited the Capitol on Thursday for the second time since Russia first invaded his country in February 2022.

Capping his visit, which included meetings and discussions with lawmakers and Pentagon officials, Zelensky met with Biden at the White House.

Shortly after, the $325M plan was unveiled.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), the package includes antitank weapons, air defense equipment, artillery rounds, and other equipment.

The DOD said the



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