Biden Nominee Ordered Google to Hand over Emails of Journalist Who Obtained Ashley Biden’s Diary – EVOL

Judge Sarah Netburn, who was nominated by Joe Biden to a lifetime judicial appointment, previously ordered Google to secretly hand over the private emails of a journalist who had obtained the diary of the Democrat president’s daughter Ashley.

Netburn has gained significant attention recently, especially following her recommendation regarding the transfer of a convicted male sex offender to a women’s federal prison.

On Wednesday, Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and John Kennedy (R-LA) questioned Netburn about this decision, sparking widespread interest in her career and background.

Netburn was eviscerated by Republican senators for alleged partisanship during her confirmation hearings this week.

Unmentioned, however, have been her actions in 2020.

A few years before she was nominated by Biden, Netburn signed off on an order that forced Google to secretly hand over to criminal investigators the personal emails of the journalist who had obtained Ashley’s diary.

As a federal magistrate judge in New York, Netburn signed the order compelling Google to provide information from a Project Veritas journalist’s personal email account, court records show.

Project Veritas purchased the diary after a woman said she found it when she moved into a room previously occupied by Ashley Biden.

Ashley Biden had reportedly



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