Biden Mulling Plan to Grant ‘Amnesty’ to 1 Million Illegal Aliens – EVOL

Democrats President Joe Biden’s White House is currently mulling a plan that would give around one million illegal aliens a “pathway” to America’s voter rolls.

Amid mounting pressure from the leftist wing of the Democrats, Biden has hinted that more liberal moves on immigration could be coming in the weeks ahead.

Reports suggest that Biden is considering a deportation shield for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens already living in the U.S.

Last week, Biden announced an executive order to limit the ability of illegals to claim asylum at the Southern Border.

However, the move still allows for an unprecedented flow of foreign nationals to illegally cross the border every day.

Republicans brushed the order off as insufficient.

Additionally, it has yet to have any impact on border numbers.

The move has also sparked liberal anger, drawing condemnation from some Democrat lawmakers.

Meanwhile, civil rights groups issued immediate lawsuit threats.

Announcing the executive order, Biden appeared to anticipate the criticism from the Left.

The president has been teasing moves to make the immigration system “more just.”

“Today, I have spoken about what we need to do to secure the border,” he said on Tuesday.

“In the weeks ahead — and



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