Biden moves To FORCE Taxpayers To Fund Abortions - EVOL

The Fiscal Year 2025 budget released this week by the Biden administration has once again omitted the Hyde Amendment, a provision that has historically prevented direct taxpayer funding of abortion through programs like Medicaid. This marks the fourth consecutive year that President Joe Biden’s Office of Management and Budget has purposefully excluded the Hyde Amendment from the budget.

It is worth noting that the Hyde Amendment has enjoyed bipartisan support for many years, including from Biden himself. However, the current administration has taken a different stance, making it arguably the most pro-abortion administration in U.S. history.

Through executive orders, rule-making, guidance from unelected government officials, and legal challenges, the Biden administration is actively working to advance its abortion-on-demand agenda both domestically and internationally. In fact, President Biden’s staff has stated that if he is reelected, prioritizing the expansion of abortion rights will be his top agenda item.

This strategy is likely aimed at appealing to a wide range of women and young voters who have grown accustomed to the notion of abortion as a fundamental right established by the Roe v. Wade decision. Organizations that support and perform abortions have celebrated the absence of the Hyde



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