Biden may miss window to appear on Alabama’s presidential ballot, secretary of state says – EVOL

CNN  — 

Joe Biden may hit another bump on his way to getting on state presidential ballots, with Alabama’s top elections official asserting Tuesday that the president and vice president will miss the deadline to be certified as nominees in the state come November given the timing of the Democratic National Convention.

Wes Allen, Alabama’s Republican secretary of state, sent a letter to Alabama Democrats and the Democratic National Committee saying that state law requires parties to provide a “certificate of nomination for President and Vice President” at least 82 days before the November 5 election, or August 15.

But the Democratic convention — where delegates officially select the party’s nominees for president and vice president — begins on August 19, four days after the deadline.

“If this Office has not received a valid certificate of nomination from the Democratic Party following its convention by the statutory deadline, I will be unable to certify the names of the Democratic Party’s candidates for President and Vice President for ballot preparation for the 2024 general election,” Allen wrote in his letter.

Allen’s notice to



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