Biden Has ANOTHER Brain Freeze… It’s Getting Worse – EVOL

President Joe Biden missed a chance to demonstrate his attentiveness in his inaugural address to the nation following the critical special counsel report that depicted him as an elderly and forgetful individual. During an impromptu speech at the White House on Thursday evening, Biden once again stumbled by mistakenly identifying Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as “the president of Mexico.”

“I think that, uh,” Biden said before a long pause, continuing, “as you know, initially, the president of Mexico, Sisi, did not wanna open up the gate to allow humanitarian material to get in. I talked to him. I convinced him to open the gate.”

President Joe Biden missed an opportunity to demonstrate his alertness and competence during his first address to the nation. His untimely mistake, which occurred when he returned to the podium after initially concluding the press conference, adds to a recent pattern of confusing world leaders.

This year, Biden has recounted conversations with foreign leaders who passed away many years ago, some as far back as 1996.

The address was a crucial moment for Biden to showcase his mental capabilities as the President of the United States of America, especially after the release of Special



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